Turn off updating intellisense

You wish you could just press a button to run everything rather than having it happen automatically.

I also love T-SQL, and I´m lucky to work in a company which uses a lot of stored procs, functions etc., and so SQL Server Management Studio is my home, the place where I feel comfortable.If that was the only tool around, then it would certainly be worth using – there’s no question that it does save you the only tool around, so let’s start with the alternative that I use – SQL Prompt.To start with, take a look at the image of the query above, written using SQL Server intellisense, and then examine the same query below, written when using SQL Prompt instead: Right away, the tool is giving me more information than native intellisense can, and this is naturally something which you can decide to turn off if you don’t need or want it.I’ll stop demonstrating the native SQL Server Intellisense now, because unfortunately there really isn’t much more to show.

This should give you a hint as to why I find it so frustrating.If learning how to develop software was a cinch for him fifteen years ago, I wonder how easy he’d find it , with all the improvements we’ve made to development environments.



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